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The University Self-Accreditation Unit is established on 1st Mei 2017 inline with the award of Self-Accreditation status by the Malaysian Qualification Agency on 22nd of February 2017. The status grants the University to accredit its academic program itself. This unit is governed under the Academic Affairs Department, structured and responsible directly under the office of Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic and International Affairs which is led by a manager, Prof. Madya Dr. Salniza Md Salleh, and assisted by assistant registrar and 4 staffs. The main role and function of this unit is to impose audit on provisional accreditation and full accreditation of all academic programmes in the university and maintaining the standard programme of the university.

This unit also acts as secretariat of Accreditation of University Committee which its main role is to endorse the final reports of auditors of provisional accreditation and full accreditation respectively besides other matters relating to self-accreditation.


The role of University Self-Accreditation Unit (SWA Unit) is to ensure the accreditation requirements set by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Malaysia are fulfilled, the University Self-Accreditation Unit (SWA Unit) plays the role as follows:

  • Ensure that UUM maintains self-accreditation status;
  • Ensure that all good practices related to program compliance and accreditation are met and implemented by the university;
  • Preparing and submitting a quarterly self-accreditation report to MQA;
  • Ensure that UUM is ready to face the evaluation of the institution by MQA (compliance audit) at least once every five (5) years;
  • Submit an application for follow-up audit of MQA within a year from the date of award of self-accredited status;
  • Plan, implement and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of Provisional Accreditation for new academic programs;
  • Plan, implement and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the Full Accreditation Audit for programs that have obtained approval of Provisional Accreditation;
  • Manage the registration of new programs that have obtained Provisional Accreditation approval to be registered on the Provisional Accreditation Certificate (PAS) list at MQA;
  • Manage the registration of academic programs that have obtained Full Accreditation approval from the Senate of University ,in the Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR);
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of laboratory accreditation (if any and related);
  • Conduct audit of old programs (deemed accredited programs); and
  • Also play a role as a liaison unit to deal with outside institutions such as MOHE, MQA and other agencies in handling the academic accreditation agenda for the UUM academic program.




Prof. Madya Dr. Salniza bt Md. Salleh
+604 928 3340

Zairi Afandi bin Ishak
Assistant Registrar
+604 928 3311

Nurhadayah bt. Abdul Rahim
Executive Officer
+604 928 3342

Faizah bt. Ibrahim
Senior Administrative Assistant (C/O)
+604 928 3332

Hakimah bt. Saidin
Administrative Assistant (C/O)
+604 928 3344

Noor Azizah bt. Ahmad Tajudin
Administrative Assistant (C/O)
+604 928 3339

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